2021 Math and AI 4 Girls Competition Results

Award Recipient List:

Top 10:

1st Place: Amritha Praveen, IL, 6th grade

2nd Place: Kira Lewis, NY, 8th grade

3rd Place: Advika Asthana, TX, 5th grade

4th Place: Ishani Agarwal, CA, 8th grade

5th Place: Yunseo Ha, AL, 8th grade

6th Place: Chinmayi Goyal, NY, 8th grade

7th Place: Anastasia Lee, NY, 8th grade

8th Place: Anika Rajaram, CA, 7th grade

9th Place: Sailalitha Kodukula, FL, 8th grade

10th Place: Andrea Chen, NJ, 8th grade

High Honors:

  • Catherine Xu, IA, 7th grade

  • Cindy Wang, IL, 7th grade

  • Daria Bondarenko, NJ, 7th grade

  • Hillary Xie, NJ, 7th grade

  • Ivy Guo, MD, 8th grade

  • Jessie Zhang, NJ, 5th grade

  • Maggie Bai, IL, 8th grade

  • Selena Ge, MA, 5th grade

  • Snigtha Mohanraj, CT, 8th grade

  • Vaidehi Ramachandrula, WI, 7th grade

Rising Stars:

  • Emily Bortolato, NJ, 5th grade

  • Satya Daftuar, CT, 5th grade

  • Kennedy Do, CT, 5th grade

  • Emma Bialowas, TX, 6th grade

  • Emma Mao, CT, 6th grade

  • Tiffany Tian, NJ, 6th grade

Computation Award:

Given to the only student to receive a perfect problem set score:

Chinmayi Goyal, NY, 8th grade


Honorable Mention:

  • Amani Gupta, NY, 8th grade

  • Amber Zhou, NY, 6th grade

  • Aviva Wang, NC, 7th grade

  • Eliane Martel, NY, 6th grade

  • Hannah Engel, NC, 8th grade

  • Hathaway Liparidis, CT, 7th grade

  • Isabella Deng, CT, 6th grade

  • Jane Xie, NY, 6th grade

  • Janice Lee, CA, 8th grade

  • Jiwoo Kim, NJ, 6th grade

  • Joanna Liu, NJ, 8th grade

  • Jovitta Sabu, TX, 8th grade

  • Juna Lee, NJ, 7th grade

  • Katherine Lu, NY, 8th grade

  • Laura Kay, CA, 6th grade

  • Lilian Hui, VA, 6th grade

  • Lily Notkin, NJ, 8th grade

  • Lydia Martel, NY, 8th grade

  • Madeline Oyakawa, TX, 7th grade

  • Madison Fang, FL, 6th grade

  • Nishita Patibandla, NJ, 7th grade

  • Rose Korff, NY, 8th grade

  • Ryka Chopra, CA, 7th grade

  • Sanya Shekhar, NJ, 6th grade

  • Shruti Arun, CO, 7th grade

  • Sophia Leng, CT, 8th grade

  • Vanessa Zhou, CA, 7th grade

  • Victoria Cheng, NY, 5th grade

  • Vivian Lei, CA, 7th grade

  • Yunong Wu, NY, 5th grade

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