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Online Resources


Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)

A treasure trove of math problems, books, as well as a very large selection of  online math and computer science courses ranging from specific topics such as geometry to competition math including the AMC series and many more. AoPS also provides an invaluable online meeting place for young mathematicians, where they can become part of a math community.


Khan Academy

Free website featuring every STEM and Computer Science courses. The math curriculum has something for every grade and level, starting with counting and go all the way up to Statistics, AP Calc and Linear Algebra.

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Patrick JMT (Just Math Tutorials)

A vast collection of short math videos focusing on high school curriculum, topics ranging from Algebra, Trig to Calculus


Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS®)

Information on this math competition (4th - 8th grade), including samples questions, problem of the month and more

Mathcounts (for Middle school)

The largest middle school math competition run at a school, regional, state and national level.


Includes all the details on the competition itself, past papers, training, online courses and much more

Want to learn more about the basics of AI? 

Check out this website, recommended by Aubree, a young user of the Math and AI 4 Girls website!

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