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2024 Math and AI 4 Girls Competition Results

Award Recipient List:

Top 5:

1st Place: Rory Hu, CA, 8th grade

2nd Place: Hayden Hughes, CT, 7th grade

3rd Place: Fiona Liu, CA, 8th grade

4th Place: Yunong Wu, NY, 8th grade

5th Place: Michelle Lin, VA, 8th grade


6th Place: Selena Ge, MA, 8th grade

​7th Place: Carolyn Wang, TX, 8th grade

​8th Place: Carolyn Cao, MD, 8th grade

9th Place: Advika Asthana, TX, 8th grade​

10th Place: Eileen Wu, MD, 8th grade​

High Honors (11th-20th): 

  • Erin Bian, WA, 8th grade

  • Elaine Wu, TX, 8th grade

  • Sophia Chen, IN, 6th grade

  • Emily Nie, MN, 7th grade

  • Alicia Fei, CA, 8th grade

  • Eva Lin, CA, 8th grade

  • Ishanvi Jha, CT, 5th grade

  • Victoria Huang, CA, 8th grade

  • Ava Berenji, NY, 8th grade

  • Jiayu Su, CT, 8th grade

Rising Stars:

  • Chloe Yang, CA, 5th grade

  • Ritha Rao, UT, 5th grade

  • Aven Andrews, OH, 5th grade

  • Robin Byun, CA, 6th grade

  • Anna Xinyi Zhang, NJ, 6th grade

  • Kate Gao, MN, 6th grade

The Passion Award:

Given to the student who submitted her entry first:

Carolyn Cao, MD, 8th grade

The Inspire Award:

Given to the student who received the highest total essay score, a 36 out of 40:

Rory Hu, CA, 8th grade

The Computation Award:

Given to the two students who received the highest scores on the problem set, a 59.5 out of 60:

Rory Hu, CA, 8th grade

Vivian Dai, WA, 6th grade

Special thanks:

Many thanks to our gracious sponsors: HRT, HPE, Automation Anywhere, JP Morgan Chase and D.E. Shaw. We would also like to thank our partner, AI4ALL.


Finally, this year's competition wouldn't be possible without our wonderful presidents: Maggie Bai and Chinmayi Goyal, our leadership team: Ivy Guo, Sophia Jin, Angie Huang, Andrea Chen, and Alice Lee, and our team members: Adya Garg, Vaidehi Ramachandrula, Avery Xu, Minlu Wang-He, Helen Wan, Lily Ma, and Sam Kovi. These girls, a group drawn exclusively from previous year's top scorers, have been exemplary in their talent, passion and thoughtfulness. 

Honorable Mention (21st-50th):

  • Chelsea Lu

  • Angelina Wang

  • Michelle Zheng

  • Mohini Goswami

  • Evelyn Qiao

  • Violette Yang

  • Vivian Dai

  • Manalee Chowdhury

  • Nethra Ramkumar

  • Kaylee Jeon

  • Annabelle Ma

  • Olivia Lee

  • Arya Nayak

  • Sahanya Pallikonda

  • Katherine Long

  • Sophie Hall

  • Angelina Wan

  • Thanishkka Vijayabaskar

  • Roselyn Chen

  • Aria Chen

  • Melody Jing

  • Alice Cheng

  • Christina Lu

  • Liz Zhang

  • Iris Li

  • Audrey Hendarto

  • Eesha Vanamala

  • Eesha Dutta

  • Reya Doctor

  • Emma Lai

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