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2023 Math and AI 4 Girls Competition Results

Award Recipient List:

Please note that contestants are listed alphabetically by first name.

Top 5:

1st Place: Minlu "Lulu" Wang-He, AL, 7th grade

2nd Place: Yunong Wu, NY, 7th grade

3rd Place: Tara Radoicic, NJ, 7th grade

4th Place: Selena Ge, MA, 7th grade

5th Place: Alice Lee, MN, 8th grade


  • Avery Xu, NY, 8th grade

  • Annabel Rong, GA, 8th grade

  • Helen Wan, CO, 8th grade

  • Lily Ma, FL, 8th grade 

  • Mohini Goswami, TX, 6th grade

High Honors (11th-20th):

  • Advika Asthana, TX, 7th grade

  • Grace Ma, CA, 7th grade

  • Anna Zhou, MD, 8th grade

  • Carolyn Cao, MD, 7th grade

  • Adya Garg, VA, 8th grade

  • Sophia Zhou, NY, 7th grade

  • Elaina Wang, VA, 6th grade

  • Maelys Martel, NY, 6th grade

  • Katrina Liu, CA, 8th grade

  • Grace Jiao, AZ, 6th grade

Rising Stars:

  • Selena Zhou, NH, 5th grade

  • Rakshana Sivakumar, GA, 5th grade

  • Yuvica Rateshwar, NJ, 5th grade

  • Aava Dadmarz-Parang, PA, 6th grade

  • Cyra Su, CA, 6th grade

  • Caroline Stephan, PA, 6th grade

The Passion Award:

Given to the student who submitted her entry before anyone else for two years in a row:

Selena Ge, MA, 7th grade

The Inspire Award:

Given to the student who received the highest total essay score:

Advika Asthana, TX, 7th grade

The Computation Award:

Given to the student who received the highest score on the problem set, a 57.5 out of 60:

Alice Lee, MN, 8th grade

Special thanks:

Many thanks to our gracious sponsors: HPE, Automation Anywhere, JPMorgan Chase and D.E. Shaw. We would also like to thank our partners, MathCounts and AI4ALL.


Finally, this year's competition wouldn't be possible without our wonderful team leaders: Yunseo Ha, Maggie Bai, Chinmayi Goyal, and Snigtha Mohanraj, as well as our team members: Alicia Li, Vaidehi Ramachandrula, Sophia Jin, Olivia Ahn, Andrea Chen, Ivy Guo, Anika Rajaram, Samhitha Kovi, Angie Huang, and Sophia Yan. These girls, a group drawn exclusively from last year's top scorers, have been exemplary in their talent, passion and thoughtfulness. 

Honorable Mention (21st-50th):

  • Ariel Fu

  • Angela Yu

  • Abigail Karpova

  • Divya Thirumala

  • Chaeran Alyssa Oh

  • Helen Peng

  • Christabelle Kirkham

  • Emma Mao

  • Amber Zhou

  • Jiayu Su

  • Suhita Sainathuni

  • Dhayashree Ravi

  • Olivia Sun

  • Eva Koshy

  • Bernice Zhang

  • Angelina Wan

  • Suri Zhou

  • Alyson Lee

  • Kathleen Wang

  • Yinuo Zhou

  • Joanna Hu

  • Eliane Martel

  • Olivia Cheng

  • Abby Kesmodel

  • Rachel Shuai

  • Elizabeth Soldatenkov

  • Angelina Wang

  • Mia Zhao

  • Carolyn Wang

  • Kaylee Jeon

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