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The 2024 Math and AI 4 Girls Competition
is now closed.

Important Updates!!

View 2024 MA4G Competition Award Ceremony Recordings, Pset Solutions and Rankings here!

Competition Goal

The Math and AI Girls Competition aims to encourage young girls to develop an interest in math and AI by taking part in STEM competitions at an early age. This competition also aims to encourage long-term planning of academic and career goals in STEM. The competition is open to middle school female students. Award recipients are selected based on their aptitudes, activities and aspirations in STEM. 


  • US Citizen (including Green Card holders), currently residing in the US

  • Female middle schoolers (5th - 8th grade), enrolled in a school or homeschooled 

  • 15 years old or younger 

  • Not a previous grand (1st place) winner











Competition Dates

  • Applications open March 22nd, 2024 and close April 26th, 2024

  • Winners will be announced in June 2024, during an online award ceremony 



Application format

  • Application is completely free of charge

  • Applicants should first create an account on Submittable, an online application portal. Applicants can then apply online 

Application requirement 

  • Personal info including name, address, email, phone number, guardian information, school, grade and age. We ask that you provide a picture and a short bio, which we will post on the website if you are chosen as an award recipient.

  • Exact questions TBD.


Judging criteria and scoring 

  • Your application will be assessed out of 100 points. Exact details TBD. 

  • For the challenge problem set, each question is worth 5-10 points, and in order to earn full credit, you need to provide the right answer and show your work in a logical and concise manner. 

  • For the essays, we are looking for students who can demonstrate a genuine interest in STEM, and someone who wants to pursue STEM in their future academic and career choices



When can I apply? 

The application season starts on March 22nd, 2024 and ends on April 26th, 2024


How will my application be scored? 

See judging criteria above 


Is my application free? 

Yes, application is completely free 


Do you require other information like a transcript or recommendation? 

No. The only information we ask are the responses to the challenge problems and your essays, as well as a photo and a short bio. 


What happens if I do not have reliable internet access; can I submit the application offline? 

Yes, you may complete the application offline and mail in the application. Please contact us at, our mailing address. 


What can I use my award money for? 

You can use it to buy books, enroll in an online course, put it aside for college, or even buy a new toy! Basically, use the prize money to celebrate you and your accomplishments! 


What happens after I submit my application? 

  • Answers and explanations will be posted on

  • Online award ceremony date (in June) will be announced in April after the application closes. The top 10 winners will be announced then at the ceremony

  • All winners will also be listed on this website


How will I receive my prize money and / or prizes? 

Once we announce the winners, we will mail you your prize money (as a check) and your award certificate / any prizes. We reserve the right to verify your identity. 


Contact info

  • Questions can be submitted within the Submittable application portal

  • Questions can also be emailed to 



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Application Requirement
Judging Criteria

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