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We strive to help girls achieve success at the highest levels in math and AI offering access to resources that can help them on their Math and/or AI journey.


Maggie Bai

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Maggie Bai

Maggie is a junior at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. She has been passionate about math since a young age, and discovered her passion in competition math when she was in 5th grade. Since then, she has participated in competitions such as MathCOUNTS, the AMC series, AIME, and more. 

Maggie joined Math and AI 4 Girls as an 8th grader, and has since then been inspired enormously by the team, and the many young girls who have submitted entires for the competition. She hopes that this competition can have a positive impact in making math and AI more accessible to young girls.

Chinmayi Goyal

Chinmayi is a junior at Yorktown High School in New York. She is passionate about math and science, and has competed in various competitions such as the USAJMO, Math Prize for Girls, the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament and Yale Girls in Math.  In addition, her current research focuses on the application of AI, specifically deep reinforcement learning, to solve real-world problems.
Chinmayi has been a part of the organization for two years. She is very passionate about empowering girls and hopes that the efforts of the organization can continue to encourage them in their pursuits. 
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Natalie Shell

Natalie Shell is a current sophomore at Stanford University, planning to major in Computer Science. In addition to conducting research at Stanford's AI4ALL program, MIT's RSI program, and Harvard's Hoffman Lab, she recently interned at SpaceX, on the Starlink Direct to Cell team. 

Natalie founded Math and AI 4 Girls because she believes that Math and AI should be open to anyone with talent and passion regardless of their background and experience, and she hopes this nonprofit will play a role in removing barriers and achieving greater participation for girls and other underrepresented groups in Math and AI.
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Ivy Guo

Problem Set Co-Leader

Ivy Guo has been participating in math and programming competitions for many years and has achieved top scores in the AMC series and at Math Prize for Girls. Outside of math she loves attempting various craft projects.

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Sophia Jin

Problem Set Co-Leader

Sophia Jin is a 14-year old sophomore at Liberty High School who is very passionate about mathematics and STEM. This is her second year on the problem set team and her first year as co-leader. Sophia has qualified for AIME twice. Outside of math, she enjoys practicing violin, exploring science, and reading. Sophia hopes that the MA4G competition will foster young girls' love for math and AI.

Adya Garg


Problem Set Team Member

Adya Garg is a freshman at Briar Woods High School and the Academies of Loudoun in Virginia. She has had a love for math and STEM since 3rd grade and wants to inspire others to discover the beauty of math. She placed 3rd at MATHCOUNTS States and has qualified for the AIME and Math Prize for Girls. She has also participated in ACSL and USACO. Outside of math, she enjoys playing basketball and listening to music.

Angie Huang


Problem Set Team Member

Angie Huang is a freshman at East Ridge High School who has been participating in math competitions since 5th grade. She is a two-time aime qualifier and placed 5th in MATHCOUNTS State. Outside of math, she is a debater and plays both piano and tennis.

Vaidehi Ramachandrula

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Problem Set Team Member

Vaidehi is a freshman at Brookfield Central High School and has been passionate about STEM since her younger days. She enjoys participating in Math competitions, Science Bowl, and FTC. In her spare time, she loves dancing(for over 10 years!), singing, and learning new languages. She has always believed that girls should be encouraged to participate in the STEM fields at a younger age, and is proud to be a problem set developer for this competition!

Avery Xu


Problem Set Team Member

Avery Xu is a freshman at Ardsley High School and is enthusiastic about STEM. Her hobbies also include swimming, painting, origami, and violin. She is proud to be joining the MA4G team and hopes to meet other girls who also love math and AI!


Andrea Chen

Communications Leader

Andrea is a junior in AAST at Bergen County Academies, and has been participating in math competitions since 5th grade. She attended several math summer programs and has qualified for AIME multiple times. Outside of math, she is an oboist and enjoys learning coding and listening to music.

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Katrina Liu

Communications Team Member


  Alice Lee

Marketing Team Leader

Alice Lee is a freshman from North Oaks, Minnesota. She has been competing in math competitions for many years, and is a 2x AIME qualifier. Outside of math competitions, she is an International Chess Master and ranked #1 for U.S. girls under age 20. She is an avid supporter for girls in math and chess, and hopes initiatives like the MAA4G contest will provide an opportunity for girls interested in STEM.

Minlu Wang-He


Marketing Team Member

Minlu Wang-He is an energetic 8 th grader at Auburn Junior High School. She enjoys reading, problem solving, and STEM. She placed 6th in the MATHCOUNTS State competition, and 2nd nationally in Math Kangaroo. She made Top 300 in the Thermo Fisher Junior Innovator Challenge with her project about reducing sprinkler water waste using a novel nozzle design. In her free time, she plays tennis and volunteers at the local library, as well as reading copious amounts of YA Fiction.


Helen Wan

Marketing Team Member

Helen Wan is a high schooler in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She was a top placer at MATHCOUNTS state, a Colorado Science and Engineering Fair state first place winner, and a Thermo-Fisher JIC top 300 finalists. She loves learning physics and math because of the logical process and explanation behind each answer. Apart from academics, Helen does various sports including cross country, swimming, and tennis.

Lily Ma

Screen Shot 2023-10-04 at 11.34_edited.jpg

Marketing Team Member

IMG-2579 (1).jpg

Samhitha Kovi

Chief Technical Officer


Samhitha (Sam) Kovi is a freshman at Lambert High School in Georgia, who has been participating in math competitions since 3rd grade, placing top 5 at the MATHCOUNTS State Competition and qualifying for AIME twice. She participated in the 2022 MAAI4G competition and placed in the top 16. She believes that it is important to empower more girls to pursue STEM in the future. In her free time, she enjoys public forum debate, reading books of all genres, listening to classic rock, and practicing martial arts.

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