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Math Competition Calendar (during COVID)

Oct 8 2022

Math Prize for Girls  at MIT

High School Math Competition for the top 250-300 girls from USA and Canada, based on AMC10/12 scores

math prize logo.jpg

Nov 10 and Nov 16, 2022

American Mathematics Contest  (AMC10/12 A and B)

Largest high school competition. 25 questions,

75 minutes, 50k participants.

maa 3.jpg

Jan 17 - 23, 2023

American Mathematics Contest (AMC8)

Largest middle school competition. 25 questions 40 minutes , 100K participants

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Feb 25, 2023

Girls in Math at Yale

Regional math competition for high school girls. Features power (team) and individual round.

yale math .jpg
math kangaroo logo.png

March 16, 2023

Math Kangaroo

Individual test with 6 million participants across 12 levels, one for each grade

April, 2023

Math Olympiads USAJMO and USAMO

Around Top 500 of AIME takers qualify for this proof based contest. Top students can eventually represent US for the International Math Olympiad (IMO)

maa 3.jpg

June, 2023

American Regional Math League (ARML)

US High school competitions with over 1,200 teams X 15 people per team competing simultaneously across 4 sites nationally

ARML logo.jpg
yale math .jpg

Oct 29, 2022

Math Major of American Tournament @ Yale

Team based US high school math competition simultaneously happening across multiple sites


Nov 12, 2022

Harvard MIT Math Tournament

Team based high school math competition draws 800-1000 students globally

maa 3.jpg

Feb 7 and Feb 15, 2023

American Invitation Mathematics Examination (AIME)

Top 5% of AMC12 taker and top 2.5% of AMC10 takers are invited  take this 15 question 3 hour test


March 1 to April 1, 2023

MathCounts States Series

Most prestigious middle school math competition. 4 students selected from each state to compete in the Nationals final

pumac 2.png

April 1, 2023

Princeton University Math Competition

Team based international High School Math Competition, accepts 70 teams of 8 people


May, 2023

MathCOUNTS National

4 students from each state compete at this top middle school math competition

Competition V-blogs

Competition V-blogs

Middle School

National Mathcounts 2018 - DC

High School
Math Prize for Girls 2019 - MIT

Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT)

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